The Buffalo Billfold Company August 31 2016, 1 Comment

What more appropriate way to kick-off our new American Makers blog than with a company that has as much American heritage as the Buffalo Billfold Company? The Buffalo Billfold Company is headquartered in Worthington, MN. All of their leather goods are Made in the U.S.A. out of genuine American Buffalo. Their product line consists of small leather goods including wallets, billfolds, purses and belts. The Buffalo Billfold Company crafts each of their products keeping quality in mind. 


Since its establishment in 1973 by owners Bill & Lauri Keitel, the family business has “had some struggles but absolutely no regrets.” Bill Keitel tells us that their business was “born 100 years too late” as the historic leather trade was flourishing in the 1870’s. 


But nonetheless, today their products are sold at over 150 different locales including nationally renown museums, State and National Parks, galleries, saddle shops and many other small businesses across the country. Throughout the summer months, the Keitel family can be found showcasing their company and products at festivals and exhibits. They are honest to goodness Leather-Smiths!



Buffalo Billfold Company takes great pride in crafting their products in the U.S.A. When asked what Made in the U.S.A. meant for their company, Bill Keitel responded, “it is our confidence in the craftsman way of life, the command over materials, tools, processes that keep alive the pride in cottage industry.” 


In addition to being supporters of their own industry, Buffalo Billfold Company has long been vocal in the overall American-Made movement. Raising the consciousness of the American consumer not only helps the nation, small town business people are the major contributors to the majority of grass roots organizations that foster and fuel this nation’s humanity.


We encourage all of our supporters to visit their site for quality American leather goods that will last! 
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Deagan Williams
Buffalo Billfold Company at the Denver Gift Show with the High Spirits Flutes
The Making of a Buffalo Leather Belt