American Made Christmas

Day 20: Wigwam & Wintergreen Northern Wear December 20 2016, 0 Comments



This winter, keep your feet warm and comfy with the Wigwam American Wool sock. A blend of Wool warmth and acrylic for no-itch comfort keeps your feet happy in the snow, on your stroll or curled up by the fire. Available in a casual silhouette for women and a boot length for men, you're sure to find long lasting comfort with the Wigwam American Wool Sock. Shop here. 


Wintergreen Northern Wear is a small outdoor apparel business in northern Minnesota. They have been designing, cutting, and sewing all of their own products for over 30 years. Their apparel is field-tested and designed to last a lifetime.

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are featuring their Wool Northwind Jacket for women. Made of thick, supple wool and accented with embroidered trim. The wool content is 80% with 20% nylon for durability. The body and hood are lined with expedition weight Polartec® Classic 300® for extra warmth and the sleeves are lined with silky polyester for easy on and off. An extra inside flap seals the 2-way zipper against wind. Length is mid-thigh, has knit cuffs and adjustable elastic waist draw-cord. Designed, Cut, and Sewn with pride in Ely, MN. Shop here.

Day 19: Hungry Hounds & PoopBags December 19 2016, 0 Comments

For the 19th Day of our #AmericanMadeChristmas, we wanted to showcase some products for the furry loves in your life!
Hungry Hound Beer Grain treats works with breweries all across NY & PA and turn their waste product (spent grain) into a consumable product (all natural dog treats). Proudly Made in the USA. For our gift-guide we are featuring their 8oz bag of Peanut Butter Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats. Shop here. 
This is the poop bag that started it all, PoopBags The Original!
For over a decade, The Original has been made from plant matter such as corn, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. They strive to be as eco-friendly as possible at PoopBags.com. The Originals have earned the illustrius certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute as ASTM D6400. That's the top dog certification in the industry!

On top of all that, The Original PoopBag has and will always be Made in the USA. For some folks, that's important as a sense of pride. For others, it makes them more eco-friendly since they travel less distance.
Bottom line, if you're looking for a top rated, high quality poop bag, that's been Made in the USA for over 10 years, PoopBags The Original is the best dog waste bag for you! Shop here.

Go4 Made in America Mobile App December 18 2016, 0 Comments


Go4 Made In America LLC was formed in July 2012, by two long-time colleagues; Mike Sessions of San Diego, CA, and Gregg Harris of Denver, CO.  In late 2011, Gregg & Mike discussed combining their IT expertise to create a consumer-based solution that would benefit the “Made in America Community” (Manufacturers and Retailers of American-Made Products). Based on their own shopping experience frustrations, they felt a great need for a robust solution that could take advantage of modern mobile device capabilities (custom apps, Internet, GPS, camera, etc.), to make it much easier for Consumers to find Products with a “Made in the USA” label while on-the-go.  But this first required they expand their desktop solution skills to the latest software technologies required for smart phone & mobile database development.  After 12 months of self-training and many long days, as well as overcoming numerous hurdles, their “Go4 USA” iOS-based mobile app was born and first released on December 11, 2012.  It is a FREE download on the App Store and can be installed on any iOS-based device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) running iOS 7.1 or later. Click here to download on the App Store.

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas, Go4 Made In America has special holiday prices for their T-Shirt & Dog Tag combos.  For only $15, enthusiastic Supporters can get a “Go4 USA Mobile Army” T-Shirt in one of 3 colors (Army Green, Black, or White), in one of 4 unisex sizes (S-M-L-XL) along with a “Go4 Made In America” Dog Tag w/black Silencer on a 27” or 30” ball chain (based on shirt size).  All of their memorabilia is proudly “Made in the USA.” Shop here.

Go4 Made In America also has special holiday pricing for Josh Miller’s “Made in the USA: The 30-Day Journey" documentary DVD combined with one of Go4 Made in America's Dog Tags. For only $12, the DVD case is personally autographed by Josh Miller, and comes with their special “Made in USA: USA30DAYS.com” Dog Tag w/black Silencer on a 4” ball chain.  Details on Josh’s must-see documentary can be found at http://www.usa30days.com. Shop here.

Day 18: Ergo and Eco & Lazy Hands December 18 2016, 0 Comments


The Lap Log Tablet Pillow by Ergo and Eco is a great gift for grandparents and tablet users of all ages! The Lap Log tablet pillow holds a tablet safe and securely and allows for hands-free use. Holding a tablet for long periods can increase arthritis pain and cause discomfort and more pain for wrists, hands and shoulders. The Lap Log can be used on a table or your lap and is great reading in bed or on the couch. Shop here. 


Grip your gear with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-free grip for your electronic devices! The original and finest quality grip available. Hand-crafted in America. Thumbs-free, ergonomic, extremely comfortable and very secure hold. Helpful for arthritis sufferers, stroke patients, and those living with multiple sclerosis and other nerve-related injuries. Great for hand therapy patients. Shop here.



Day 17: Alex and Ani & Vortic Watches December 17 2016, 0 Comments


Alex and Ani creates meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity. The brand shares a passion for the wellbeing of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. ALEX AND ANI products are proudly designed and crafted in America and made with love.

September 2015, ALEX AND ANI introduced the limited edition LIBERTY COPPER Collection. Each piece features an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, made with the original preserved copper from her centennial restoration. The signature meaning card that accompanies each LIBERTY COPPER Collection purchase reads, "Bearing her torch…we become Lady Liberty’s movement of light and hope. When we CARRY LIGHT, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible." Shop here. 


The Vortic Watch Co. is a small batch, custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado - focused on creating innovative, American-made watches and accessories. Initially started by students from the Pennsylvania State University, the Vortic Watch Co. now has multiple patents pending regarding watch bands and watch cases, a robust online platform for building custom watches, the only 100% American made watch being built today, and a restoration/vintage watch shop on a revitalized 1800's farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company believes in transparent manufacturing and building products that are actually better.

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are featuring their Chicago World Champions Edition Gift Set. The ultimate gift for a Cubs fan. A watch with movement built in Chicago 108 years ago, and a pen crafted from original Wrigley Field seats. Only 10 will be made. Shop here. 

Day 16: NuAngel & The Milk & Honey Co. December 16 2016, 0 Comments


NuAngel Inc. is a certified woman-owned company manufacturing products for nursing mothers, infants, & beyond. NuAngel products are cut, sewn, packaged and shipped from their Athens, Alabama facility. Made by Mothers for Mothers in the USA! 

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are featuring their Trinity II Nursing Pillow. Designed by a lactation consultant, this pillow is portable, lightweight, and is angled to help reduce infant acid reflux.  A must have for mothers on the GO! Shop here.



The Milk & Honey Co. is owned and operated by a Mother of 7. The company is based out of Black Mountain, NC.

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are showcasing their Baby Snap Sack® with goose down fill (also known as the Snuggle Down). It is a unique one-size warm baby sleep sack. It is equipped with adjustable snaps over the shoulders and across the chest to customize a perfect fit for your growing baby or toddler from 3 months to 3T. Their down baby sleep sacks are filled with premium 750 fill power white goose down, which provides warmth without weight. These baby sleeping bags are beautiful and versatile — warm enough for winter, but also light and lofty for year-round comfort in many climates. Your baby will drift off to sleep gently wrapped in a soft downy cloud. Shop here. 

Day 15: LiddUp Coolers & The Good-One December 15 2016, 0 Comments


The LiddUp Igloo Party Bar from LiddUp Coolers (as seen on Shark Tank, The Today Show, and The View) is a massive 125-quart cooler with a patented, built-in LED lighting system. Features include removable drink dividers and wide caddy, heavy-duty locking casters for ready-to-roll transportability, and heavy-duty swing-up handles for easy carrying and loading. Shop here. 



The Good-One Open Range Multifunctional Smoker/Grill is proudly Made in the USA. The innovative design of this grill remains intact by placing charcoal and wood in a handy firebox with its own grill grate for direct grilling fish, burgers, or searing some fantastic steaks. The separate smoking chamber is located above and behind the firebox which is ideal for indirect cooking anything from ribs to brisket without the hot-spots commonly found on side-firebox smokers. How does the Good One avoid those hot-spots? An internal damper runs the entire length the grill so heat and smoke are distributed evenly from the firebox into the upper smoking chamber. The twist-style air intakes on the bottom of the firebox make temperature adjustments simple and repeatable. From low and slow smoking to high temperature grilling, with a total cooking area of 996 square inches, there is plenty of space to get any job done. Best of all, with the removable drop-in ash pan and charcoal grate assembly, clean-up is a breeze. The Open Range is built for some serious duty; the lids are even made from robust 11-gauge USA steel, the lids 14 gauge USA steel. Shop here. 

Day 14: Barnett Home Decor & Charlie's Soap December 14 2016, 0 Comments


For Day 14, we wanted to focus on Home goods. - Established in 1889, Barnett Home Decor is a woman-owned, family operated manufacturer of latex foam cushions and textile home decor located in Macon, GA. All of their home goods are made by skilled sewers. They use latex foam in their cushions because it lasts years longer than other foams, it won't go flat over time (unlike polyester fiber fill) and it is machine washable (unlike most other cushions on the market). Barnett Home Decor also uses the more expensive construction methods including lock-stitched seams and triple-stitched ties for greater durability. Their rocking chair cushions are reversible and feature long ties to securely fasten to many styles of rocking chair.

For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are showcasing their Brisbane rocker cushions in Mist. Brisbane is available in 7 colors.  They have a wide-selection of over a hundred other indoor and indoor/outdoor fabrics. Shop here. 


For part-2 of today's guide, we are featuring Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder. Charlie's Soap is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of the highest quality biodegradable, environmentally safe and hypo-allergenic detergents. For our #AmericanMadeChristmas we are featuring their Concentrated laundry detergent. Shop here.
  •  Deep Clean your Laundry for only Pennies per Load!
  •  Removes entrapped odors and stains
  •  Removes residues from your previous detergent
  •  Less is More: zero brighteners, zero fragrances, zero dyes, zero fillers
  •  Just one tablespoon per LARGE load.
  •  Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic and Safer for the Environment.
  •  Works on all your laundry, even high-tech fabrics and delicates
  •  Say by-bye to fabric softener!
  •  Septic Safe

Day 13: Dirtball Clothing & Glee Gum December 13 2016, 0 Comments


For the 13th installment of our #AmericanMadeChristmas, we are showcasing another double feature. Dirtball Clothing is not only Made in the USA, but is also eco-friendly. For our gift guide, we are featuring this American Cashmere Sweater. The American Cashmere Sweater is a soft and supple v neck perfect for casual Fridays or a Wednesday out with friends. Its not really made from cashmere but it is even softer. Made from 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled water bottles. It features the perfect mitered vneck, thumb hole sleeves and is 100% Made in America. Shop here. 


Coming in as part-2 of today's feature is Glee Gum, made in upstate NY! Glee Gum makes a perfect stocking stuffer, and is an easy way to spread holiday cheer. Unlike most gumGleeGum contains no artificial flavors, colors (like Blue 2 Lake or Red 40), sweeteners (like Aspartame or Acesulfame K), preservatives (like BHT), or genetically modified ingredients (it's the only Non-GMO Project Verified gum). Six classic flavors are sweetened with Fair Trade cane sugar and brown rice syrup, while three flavors of sugar-free Glee use 100% xylitol from American birch and beech trees for added dental benefits. It's packaged in recyclable material (no blister packs), and made the old-fashioned way, with chicle-- a natural tree sap harvested sustainably to help conserve the rainforests of Central America. Just 5 calories a serving! Shop here. 

Day 12: Trayvax Wallets & Practical American December 12 2016, 0 Comments

Trayvax is a unique and durable wallet, made in the USA, and built for people who work and play in the most rugged of environments. For our #AmericanMadeChristmas, we are featuring the Trayvax Original, the wallet that started it all. Trayvax was established in 2013 by founder Mark King. What started out as Mark machining every wallet by hand on a small counter-top oven, has grown to a large business supporting 35 employees! Take 10% off orders over $90 with code trayholiday  - Shop here. 

An amazing feat of steel origami, it's the most innovative knife on the market. Made entirely from heat treated stainless steel, WildCard™ is 1.1 ounces, and only slightly thicker than a credit card, so you can store it in your wallet or your pocket. The patent-pending FlyOff™ technology also enables you to remove the blade quickly and without any tools. This way, if the blade ever chipped or became unusable, you can simply replace the blade, rather than having to purchase a whole new knife. It also makes the WildCardTSA compliant, meaning if you ever forget you're carrying the knife, you can just surrender the blade, and keep the body, which features built-in screwdrivers, a pry-bar and bottle opener. It's a perfect tool for everyday carry. Shop here.