Day 6: Made in USA Outdoor Gifts Part #1 December 06 2017, 1 Comment

Check out these Made in USA gift ideas for the outdoors! This is Part #1 of a 2 Part Feature. PLEASE NOTE: Our American Made Christmas Giveaway ONLY includes Day 1’s features!


RollerFeeder - Bird Feeder

RollerFeeder, squirrel proof bird feeders 100% Made in USA since 1998, parts and assembly. Our patented rolling bird feeder is guaranteed squirrel proof designed to roll-spin, and befuddle squirrels. Designed with songbirds in mind.


Gibraltar Mailboxes - Stratford Mailbox

Gibraltar Mailboxes is the USA's leading manufacturer of residential mailboxes. We offer a variety of styles to match your home, that are built to perform. Available at retailers nationwide and online.


Better Bungee - Bungee Cords/Straps

The Better Bungee revolutionizes outdated elastic bungees with polyurethane cords and straps made here in the U.S.A! Available in a variety of sizes, ends, and colors, the Better Bungee has a bungee for everyone.

Flame Engineering - Torches

Flame Engineering offers many sizes of Made in the USA propane torches for controlling weeds in your yard and garden. Even getting rid of dangerous ice on sidewalks and driveways!