Day 10: Liberty Bottles & Freaker USA December 10 2016, 0 Comments

For Day 10 we are doing another 2-part feature. Liberty Bottleworks' bottles are created from super-strong recycled 3003 aluminum coils. The finish is baked on with a BPA free flexible food-grade coating, rest assured that this bottle is as safe as it is beautiful. Every bottle ensures the support of creating American jobs, hiring Veteran's, and manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable facility. Click here to order.

Freakers and Freaker Feet socks! Freakers are one-size-fits-all bottle insulators (you can use them on baby bottles, cans, water bottles, jumbo wine bottles - whatever you drink out of without a handle!). Freaker Feet socks are fun, gift socks that are one-size-fits-most. Both are proudly made in North Carolina! Click here to order.